Yard Care

City ordinance requires grass to be shorter than 8 inches. Please try to cut it every two weeks or so May-September, depending on how quickly it grows.

Mulch Volcanos
The City has reached out to the MGHA board in hopes of us spreading the word about the dangers of mulch volcanos and a request for MGHA resident to remove them. As you can see in the photo below (from a letter from City staff) and also at this link (http://tinyurl.com/ldzh8mc), mulch volcanos suffocate tree roots, result in tree bark peeling off and secondary above-ground root systems growing before the tree dies and needs to be replaced prematurely.

Any mulch around a tree should be 2-4 inches deep at most, but I too have seen several around the sub that are easily 6-8 inches deep and setting the trees up for an early demise. Keep in mind the trees in the right of ways are owned by the City, so the the City will have to contract out to replace the trees if you kill them. Please don’t kill the trees. That last sentence may sound like a ’70s tree hugger, but it’s the ground-level message we’re looking to get across.