Friends & Neighbors

Items posted on this page are Meadowbrook Glens Homeowners that want to share their hobby, business, club, etc.

(If you live in Meadowbrook Glens and you would like to share your interests , please contact us! We would love to share your skills with the neighbors of Meadowbrook Glens!)

Sonia Abbruzzion, age 14, (248) 378-7760, pet care, babysitting, CPR/AED
Alaina Angello, age 17, (248) 756-2829, babysitting
Alexis Johnson, age 16, (248) 719-8609, babysitting, pet care, errand assistance
Rae McElroy, HS sophomore, (248) 961-2562, pet sitting, certified babysitter
Heidi Wilson, age 17, (248) 735-0414, pet sitting
Louis Wolff, age 15, (248) 924-5160, lawn work, snow removal