Friends & Neighbors

Items posted on this page are Meadowbrook Glens Homeowners that want to share their hobby, business, club, etc.

(If you live in Meadowbrook Glens and you would like to share your interests , please contact us! We would love to share your skills with the neighbors of Meadowbrook Glens!)——————————————————————————–



Kristen Coury, age 16 Certified babysitter (248)344-8232

Bailey Borycki, age 15….babysitting  (248) 348-7030

Linday Morgan, age age 13  babysitting (248) 697-0468

Masie McElroy, age 14, Certified babysitter, CPR/first aid, pet sitter, (248) 961-2562

Leland McElroy, age 14, Certified babysitter, CPR/first aid, pet sitter (248) 961-2562

Victoria Kerm, age 15, babysitter, CPR/ st aid  w/references (248) 735-0551

Kayla Howard, age 16, Certified babysitter, CPR/first aid w/references (248)719-8410

Heidi Wilson, age 14, Certified babysitter CPR?first aid (248)735-0414



Matther Weber..  (15 yrs old).lawn cutting…shovel snow, rake leaves…..babysit (kids over 5)….other types of yard work….248-380-3112
McClure Brothers, Scott or Shane, age 16, Jack age 13, Lawn cutting, snow shoveling, rake leaves, yard work (248) 449-3569
Leland McElroy, age 14, lawn cutting, snow shoveling, (248) 961-2562

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