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What is the amount of MGHA dues and what do they cover?
The current annual dues are $40 per year. This amount includes lawn services, MGHA events, insurance, liability bond, repairs, mailings, website, utility costs, etc. Rubbish services are now built in to property taxes and paid to the City of Novi.

Why do we have an association if we pay city taxes?
The City of Novi did not offer trash removal services until July 2016. MGHA’s contract with Duncan Disposal Services (which was bought out by Rizzo Environmental Services in July 2016) expired in June 2017 and allowed MGHA to join the city’s services through Waste Management on July 1, 2017. See cityofnovi.org/trash for details or contact Waste Management at (866) 797-9018.

Even without a separate trash contract anymore, the several aforementioned responsibilities fall to the homeowner’s association, as well as collecting the dues to ensure they’re able to be carried out. MGHA also serves as a point of contact for residents looking to connect with the city government to answer frequently asked questions.

What can and can’t I throw away in the trash or recycling?
For the most part, you are able to throw just about anything away except items like: motor oil, fuels, paints and any other toxic chemical. Items like appliances must have their doors removed, and if it is a refrigerator or freezer, the Freon must also be removed. Yard waste must be separated from garbage and is only collected April through November. To get an idea of the types of items accepted for recycling and the proper way to use the compost service, visit cityofnovi.org/trash.

Does the City of Novi have a document that describes my responsibilities as a homeowner within Novi?
Yes, a copy of the “Homeowner’s Manual” PDF document can be found at http://www.bvhanovi.com/City_of_Novi_Homeowners_Manual2.pdf.

Is there an allotted time when I can mow my lawn?
City ordinance states all noises after 10 p.m. shall not exceed 60 decibels. Being that an average lawnmower operates around 80 decibels, it comes down to a question of common courtesy. We recommend you mow your lawn between the hours of 9 a.m.-7 p.m. out of respect for your neighbors.

Who’s responsibility is it for upkeep of the sidewalks in front of your home? The homeowner or the city?
According to the City of Novi, the homeowner is responsible for the replacement or upkeep of the sidewalk. For sidewalk repair, homeowner can contact the city’s Department of Public Services and either they or a contractor of their choice will come out and repair. The homeowner is then billed directly.

Our driveway is in need of repair, and I was wondering if I had the choice of using materials other than concrete?
There is nothing dictated in the MGHA Bylaws or the City of Novi Homeowner’s Manual regarding the selection of materials (e.g. concrete, blacktop, pavers, cobble stones, etc.). It seems you are free to use what you want, assuming it is consistent with “community standards.”

If there are damages to the curbs in the sub, what should we do?
Contact city’s Department of Public Services at (248) 735-5640, report the location and they will schedule the repair.

We are looking to do some work on our home this year. Who do I contact about Code Compliance and such?
Before starting a project, contact the City of Novi’s Community Development at (248) 347-0415. They can tell you what is required so that your project is within the scope of compliance. Some projects require permits, so call before you start the work.

If I want to put a shed in my yard, what is required of me?
Within the MGHA bylaws there are no restriction on sheds, yet the city requires the homeowner to acquire the proper permit(s). The city’s “Shed & Detached Garage Requirements” PDF at http://cityofnovi.org/City-Services/Community-Development/Information-Requirements-Sheets,-Checklists,-Manua/Bldg-ShedAndDetachedGarage.aspx explains what is needed by the homeowner. One of the requirements is the shed needs to be approved by both your neighbors and MGHA. Contact Community Development at (248) 347-0415 for more information.

This summer we are looking to add a sunroom (an addition) onto our home. Who needs to approve such a project?
The first step in the process is to contact the City of Novi, making them aware of your project (see next question). Once you have done this, the city will ask you to notify each of your neighbors, making them aware of your intent and plans. After you talk with your neighbors, ask them to sign the plans, denoting their approval for the project. Finally, you should contact the MGHA Board for final authorization and signatures. This could be a lengthy process, so please make sure you start the process early, so it doesn’t delay your project’s timing.

I want to connect my sump pump to the street drains that were previously installed by the city. Do you know the size of the pipe and how deep the pipe is within the ground?
Per JCK Inc., the contractor hired by the city to do the work, the pipe is 2-inch PVC, located about 3.5-feet down. The pipe’s opening is located on the house-side of the newly poured sidewalk pad.

Am I allowed to shovel snow into the street, from my driveway? What if it got there placed there by the plow clearing the streets?
Depositing of snow/ice/slush into city streets is unlawful. For more information, refer to page 34 of the City of Novi’s Homeowner Manual.

My neighbor has a dog that is constantly barking. What can I do?
Dogs are a realistic part of living in a subdivision. If you feel the barking is excessive, we recommend you approach your neighbor letting them know of your feelings. If you feel uncomfortable approaching your neighbor, let MGHA know. MGHA will be happy to work as a mediator to resolve the issue. If, in the end, nothing is resolved, the police can get involved.

I just moved to the subdivision and I would like to get involved with the association. Who should I contact?
Feel free to contact any board member. They will notify you of upcoming events and committees looking for help. This is a great way to make new friends while bettering the community.

My family is moving out of the subdivision and the title company needs a letter stating that we are “current” on all due payments. Who do I contact to get this letter?
Please email mgha.org@gmail.com to request the required letter.