Welcome to Meadowbrook Glens!! Come on in and visit our site. Our dues are low, the people are great and we enjoy meeting new homeowners. This subdivision is the oldest and the biggest in the City of Novi, we consist of 475 homes. With each new homeowner you will receive a “Welcome” packet, which has a lot of information and hopefully will help you adjust to your new home and our sub. We have a hotline for any questions you might have or and email address you can use. This site is a work in progress and will change from month to month, so, keep checking back and see what we’ve added. You’ll find our calendar changes, dates will be marked with little tidbits of information to let you know what is going on in the sub. Again….Thanks for visiting our site!!

President Patti Johnson
Vice-President John Yarrish
Treasurer Don Lupo
Secretary Shannon Berry-Hyman

Board Members:
Denise Kern….Echo Editor
Margaret Wolff

Betty Dinser

Terri Kasik

Kim Kocan

Carla Giles

Siddhit Sanhavi

Katie Rzucidlo

Chris Jackett



Echo Editor:
Denise Kern

MGHA Address is: MGHA P.O.Box 174 Novi, MI 48376 Hotline Number…..248-692-0383 EMAIL…… mgha.org@gmail.com

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